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What to expect:

Janette uses evidence based therapy. Clients can expect a professional, non- judgemental, respectful, supportive and collaborative approach.

People who see Janette are sometimes struggling with health related issues. For example they might be struggling to cope with an injury, a sudden illness or a chronic health condition. Others seek assistance during the rehabilitation phase of their treatment. Some want to focus on prevention of health issues and seek assistance to change their behaviours and habits in a quest to achieve better health and wellness. Others see Janette because they are struggling to cope with feelings of anxiety, stress or low mood.

If unsure, potential new clients can contact Janette directly to discuss their needs, ask questions and find out if the psychology service offered is suitable for them.

​Therapy approaches:

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT); Schema Therapy; Mindfulness; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Focused Psychological Strategies; Adjustment Counselling; Relaxation skills; Stress management; Communication skills; Motivational Interviewing; Psycho-education; The Non-Diet Approach, CBT-E. Please note that Janette is an ANZEAD Credentialed Eating Disorder provider.


​Therapy sessions provide an opportunity to:

Discuss health related struggles and identify what is important to you and what you want to focus on; 

develop awareness of psychological and behavioural processes that may relate to your specific health and wellbeing issues;

and develop some achievable goals important to you and learn ways to act on these.

​Janette appreciates the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach that provides an opportunity to discuss treatment goals and contribute to a holistic (biopsychosocial, integrated health) approach to treatment. With the client’s permission Janette is agreeable to liaising with a client’s treating medical and allied health practitioners.

Telehealth Psychology Sessions
via Video or Phone

Janette is providing telehealth psychology sessions via video or phone to people living in many locations and in particular where easy access to psychological health services is limited.  



Managing confidentiality is an important part of a psychology practice. When new clients see Janette they will receive details of how their confidential information is managed.



For information relating to sessional fees please contact Janette.

Concession fees are available. People who are referred by their GP

under a relevant Medicare program will be eligible to receive a rebate.

Private Health fund rebates may apply and will depend on individual insurance cover.

Janette does not process Private Health rebates.

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